Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Na Temptation! (225.6 lbs)

Ok... as a bigger person in life, I am certainly not a newbie to the idea of temptation. Some people are tempted to sleep with the wrong person, while some others are tempted to steal or cheat or lie. I mostly get tempted with food; And only at the wrong times. This weekend started with me having 5 people hang out at my apartment, friday night. Everyone knows I love to cook and happen to cook well (thank God) but this means they always expect good and yummy food in my house at all times. Needless to say, I went off track with my diet and ate a small but wrong bowl of rice and stew (my diet encourages brown rice not yummy white rice). Not just any kind of stew, palm oil stew is my masterpiece. I felt soooooooo horrible and disappointed in myself and so I prayed and tried working out a tiny bit.

Then came Saturday; I went against my diet, which encourages me to eat 5 small and extremely healthy/balanced meals each day. I barely ate anything, just a bag of carrots and a yogurt for the first half of the day. Then a friend asked me to go out a sample a prospective birthday location and I broke; It was the beginning of the end (end of a dieting day) I ended the night with a little bowl of jollof rice and efo... Then comes the upside, the rest of my night was spent dancing the night away at an igbo party. I was worried that straying from my diet would have made me gain some pounds back, because lord knows I can gain 3 pounds in a day. I ended up losing 0.2 pounds over the weekend.

Lessons learnt? We all get tempted. It really is all about portioning and moderation, I just need to behave myself and get better with eating regularly so I don't binge. Most importantly, working out is good but doing active things you enjoy is even better... By the time I spent 2 hours attempting the Igbo woman booty I worked off all the rubbish in between.

Coming Soon - My Very Interesting Conversation at The Restaurant
Also Coming Soon - Partying from the Perspective of a Big Girl... Trust Me, it's Different

Yours Truly,

Buxom Beauty


  1. i stumbled onto your page, but i don't think it was an accident. I too am on a mission to shed the pounds I've acquired. Your blog has inspired me to not give up hope and to not look at it like a mountain, but take it in pcs. Good luck with your journey.

  2. To YankeeNaija,

    Thanks so much for your encouraging comment. Whenever I go to my doctor's office, he has a replica of what 5 pounds of fat looks like. I will post it on the page and I want you to look at it. Set a goal for your self to lose 5 pounds only. This month, your goal is to lose 5 pounds. When you cross that bridge then the rest can follow. God bless and good luck to you too.