Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Pounds of Fat

Advice of a lifetime: Focus on losing 5 pounds First!

The Partying Experience - Full Figured Version

Where There's No Love

In the scenario where there is no self-love, you will find a girl (let's call her "Pretty-Plus") always partying in the company of skinny friends. It's not necessarily because the skinny friend wants a larger friend around to make herself look better (even though we all know this happens). But it's more because the ignorant beautiful plus sized person (Pretty-Plus) does not see the beauty in herself, sees fat as "ugly" and therefore, sees other plus sized people as "ugly". Who really wants to identify with "ugly"?

Pretty-Plus ends up picking a very boring or very expsosive outfit to go dancing in. Her mind set? I won't be noticed by any guys if I don't show off my assets/I will just look stupid if I even tried to look as hot as her (her = skinny friend). She goes, she barely dances, barely gets noticed and ends the night thinking... "FML, I will likely end up alone."

Where There's Much Love

Pretty-Plus has friends of every shape and size. She begins to live her life to the fullest, surrounded by family, friends and guys who just really want her number. She goes dancing because she wants to. She dances the night away turning down every idiot that thinks he can just press up on her because she probably has low self esteem. Pretty-Plus is the center of attention, her friends are all trying to imitate her dance steps, skinny and un-skinny friends alike... She enjoys herself and glorifies her God in her dressing, dancing and in her radiant smile.

Do you know the best thing about each night she goes dancing??? Pretty-Plus goes to bed having burnt 1,000 calories, having released her happy hormones and one step closer to the perfect weight for her.

Self Loved Pretty Plus says:

Buxom Beauty

Growth & Goals (216 lbs)

It's been a while since I blogged, but not so long since 230 lbs. Most days there is still the fear that the weight is coming back, and honestly, I have found that I still fluctuate in weight. The biggest lesson learnt, is that, it feels "Soooo Good" walking around with 14 pounds less than at the beginning of the year. I also have learnt that sometimes it is better to just take each day one step at a time. In the back of my head, my goal is to weigh 150 perfect pounds; but for now, I'll settle for weighing 200 lbs by December 20, 2010. The day I head home to Nigeria.

In the time since I started this blog (back in February) I have learned a lot about myself. I have learnt to love my body, love my look and love my life. It may not always be perfect, I might not be able to do that 5 mile run next to my skinny friends or sisters, but I'm beautiful in my own way. It took me a while to come to this conclusion. I hope it occurs to you sooner.

Your Happy & Progressing,

Buxom Beauty

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Na Temptation! (225.6 lbs)

Ok... as a bigger person in life, I am certainly not a newbie to the idea of temptation. Some people are tempted to sleep with the wrong person, while some others are tempted to steal or cheat or lie. I mostly get tempted with food; And only at the wrong times. This weekend started with me having 5 people hang out at my apartment, friday night. Everyone knows I love to cook and happen to cook well (thank God) but this means they always expect good and yummy food in my house at all times. Needless to say, I went off track with my diet and ate a small but wrong bowl of rice and stew (my diet encourages brown rice not yummy white rice). Not just any kind of stew, palm oil stew is my masterpiece. I felt soooooooo horrible and disappointed in myself and so I prayed and tried working out a tiny bit.

Then came Saturday; I went against my diet, which encourages me to eat 5 small and extremely healthy/balanced meals each day. I barely ate anything, just a bag of carrots and a yogurt for the first half of the day. Then a friend asked me to go out a sample a prospective birthday location and I broke; It was the beginning of the end (end of a dieting day) I ended the night with a little bowl of jollof rice and efo... Then comes the upside, the rest of my night was spent dancing the night away at an igbo party. I was worried that straying from my diet would have made me gain some pounds back, because lord knows I can gain 3 pounds in a day. I ended up losing 0.2 pounds over the weekend.

Lessons learnt? We all get tempted. It really is all about portioning and moderation, I just need to behave myself and get better with eating regularly so I don't binge. Most importantly, working out is good but doing active things you enjoy is even better... By the time I spent 2 hours attempting the Igbo woman booty I worked off all the rubbish in between.

Coming Soon - My Very Interesting Conversation at The Restaurant
Also Coming Soon - Partying from the Perspective of a Big Girl... Trust Me, it's Different

Yours Truly,

Buxom Beauty

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Love Me - I Love Me Not!!!!! (227lbs)

When I logged on to the blog today, I did it with the intention of canceling it. Closing it down and trying hard to forget the pain I felt when writing. The one comment I got has egged me on though. I will love myself. I am going to find out ways (because I am a Google addict) and I will start to love myself. I have started doing the Nutrisystem diet as of Tuesday the 16th of February. It's been 2 days and this time I have lost 3 lbs. It feels good but I have definitely begun thinking.

Is it really about the weight? Or again about self esteem and self-love. I remember not too long ago, for about a space of two weeks, I felt a good way. I felt gorgeous and sexy and as fit as a fiddle and I am guessing that guys around me could see it too... I got asked out no less than 6 times by totally different people in the span of 2 weeks. It was weird and yet felt great.

I realized after watching Monique's ghetto but fun movie "Phat Girls" last night that if I can't love myself now, who is to say that I will when I lose the weight? If you are out there reading this, and you have ideas or have heard of ideas to begin in self-love? Please pass them on. The few times I have stumbled upon the feeling has done wonders for my life.

Forever Your,

Buxom Beauty

PS (Just a thot)... I recently remembered that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 after watching "Some like it hot"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rock Bottom - Never Again (230 lbs)

I decided today to begin in writing a blog. I don't really think any one will read this... But I believe it helps to put my feelings down in writing and maybe it will help in making my goal more reachable. Today I reached my heaviest weight ever. I got on the stupid scale and rang in at 230 pounds. I am a 21 year old female at 5ft 4inches. I am Nigerian American and a recent college grad working at one of the top 4 accounting firms in the world.

I have so many times in life where I feel low, hate myself, my image, my weight and all my shortcomings on top of it. But there are times when I feel invisible and happy... maybe even content. Days like today I wish I could simply flip a switch and become anorexic or bulimic, but alas even that, I am not disciplined enough to achieve.

I am tired of being tired.... Tired of being frustrated and sad and in the same place in life. I have decided to do something about this.... weight problem, fatigue, fear of health issues and I am going to lose weight in any way possible.

Game plan: Starting on Monday February 15th, 2010 I will start my Nutrisystem Diet

I will follow the food plan to the tee and incorporate hydroxycut hardcore pills with exercising for a hour 3 times a week. I will lose his weight and live a good life even if I have to die trying.

Yours truly,

Buxom Beauty